NEW Apple Macbook Magsafe Power Cable Extension Lead - UK - 1.8m White

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Going Travelling or just need a spare cable for your Macbook Power Adapter

Designed for your Mac products, the Apple cable is fully compatible with all Macbook's/ iPads including newest and oldest models. Just plug it in to your magsafe charger and away you go.

This cable is Genuine

This Apple cable is the genuine cable that Apple sell with their Macbooks / Macbook Pros / iPads.

Please note that this item is a cable only, and will not charge your mac/ipad by itself. You will also require a magsafe power adapter, this cable plugs into that power adapter allowing it to be connected to a wall socket

  • 1.8m in length
  • 10A
  • 125V

Grade A; What does this mean? It's cosmetic condition is perfect, having never been used.

  • Apple Macbook Magsafe Power Cable Lead - UK - 1.8m White

All Macbooks All Macbook Pro's All iPad's

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