NEW Power Support Crystal Film Set Cover for iPod 5G (with video)

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Product Information

Elegance and Quality

Power Support uses the finest quality film, with a matte finish that is specifically developed for LCD screens. This remarkably transparent film offers an exceptionally clear view of the display. The surface of the Power Support Crystal Film is treated with a scratch-resistant hard coat protective process. The adhesive side is made of a newly developed static cling polymer plastic. It's easy to remove air bubbles during installation, ensuring optimal adhesion with no unwanted residue when removed.

What it does
  • Covers entire screen face and back of iPod classic plus the click wheel
  • Static-cling plastic for stay-put adhesion
  • Removable for cleaning; can be reapplied
  • Free of sticky residue after removal       

New: This product is New, unopened sealed in it's original box.

  • Three films (One for front, clickwheel and back of iPod )

5th Generation iPod Only

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