NEW Power Support Crystal Film Set Cover for iPod touch 2G

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Product Information

What it does

Protection from scratches is a must, and Power Support's crystal film for iPod touch 2G is the perfect solution. This custom-fit screen protector allows for the vibrant colors of your LCD screen to shine through without compromising picture quality, touch screen sensitivity or any functionality of your iPod touch 2G. With advanced silicone static-cling adhesive technology, this film does not require a difficult installation process and is residue free.

Elegance and Quality
  • Set includes 2 crystal screen films and 1 pre-installation film
  • Protects your precious LCD screen from scratches, dust, and dirt
  • Advanced silicone static-cling adhesive technology leaves no residue if removed
  • Film will not interfere with touch screen responsiveness

New: This product is New, unopened sealed in it's original box.

  • 2 precision cut screen films
  • 1 pre-installation film
  • Printed Instructions

2nd Generation iPod Touch Only

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